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Leak detection for boiler tubes keeps the lights on
February 2020

WHILE we experience regular power outages – often blamed on power generators being shut down due to boiler tube leaks – a well-established and proven solution is provided by RTS Africa Technologies – who are accredited agents and service engineers for Procon Boiler Tube leak Detection equipment –based in the UK.
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RTS’ application engineering experience provides customised industrial solutions
January 2020

In 2015, Rand Technical Services, formed in Pretoria in 1989, was strategically divided into two sister companies – RTS Africa Engineering and RTS Africa Technologies. Managing Director of RTS Africa Engineering, Ian Fraser, explains that both battery-powered cars and hydrogen-powered cars run on electric motors.
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RTS Africa Technologies principal H2Scan opens new Environmental Conditioning Laboratory to further 'refine' hydrogen detection in gas process streams
01 November 2019

Hydrocarbon fuels are essential for our daily existence. However, extracting usable fuels from crude oil is a complex process in which hydrogen plays a cardinal role, as the correct levels of hydrogen in a refinery process stream largely determine the quality of the final product.
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RTS Africa and IMR offer efficient combustion which doesn’t ‘burn’ your profits
05 August 2019

The RTS Africa Group, based in Tshwane, has been supplying effective and innovative solutions to a range of industrial issues since the early 90's. These solutions include amongst others, spin filtration, laser-based gas detection and electrolysers for hydrogen production..
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RTS Africa Group gets a 'Fair' chance to highlight its many leading industrial automation solutions.
25 July 2019

For the past three decades, the RTS Group has been introducing pioneering solutions to South Africa's various industrial challenges. At the recent Africa Automation Fair held at the Ticketpro Dome in northern Johannesburg, the company joined the 124 other exhibitors in a quality exposition of control and automation.
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RTS Africa Technologies Procon acoustic boiler steam leak detection system prevents boilers going down the tubes
30 May 2019

At present in South Africa, boiler tube leaks are something of a 'hot' topic, as the country's national power supplier continues to contend with various complex challenges - including that of boiler maintenance issues caused by, amongst other factors, boiler tube leaks.
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Extracting dust – and great value - RTS Africa’s spin filters provide mines with a cost-effective dust extraction solution
09 April 2019

Often the simplest solutions are the best, and leading engineering solutions provider RTS Africa's inertial spin filters are a very good example of this universal truth in action.
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RTS Africa fills a gap in the local hydrogen generation market with Nel Hydrogen Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysers
11 January 2019

With its wide range of industrial uses and applications, hydrogen is a very important molecule. This gas is essential in many sectors such as chemicals, refining, metallurgical applications; as well as glass and electronics manufacturing to name a few.
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Global first from Neo Monitors and RTS Africa - real-time in-situ hydrogen monitoring - a major boost for petrochemical and refinery process control engineers
10 August 2018

The reliable in-situ measurement of hydrogen in multiple gas process streams is something that refinery and petrochemical plant process control engineers would like to have been able to do previously, but have never had the capability to, until this year.
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Monitoring the molecules: RTS Africa’s Neo Monitors LaserGas analysers offer accurate real-time gas level monitoring for industry
23 April 2018

Since its founding, innovation has been the hallmark of RTS Africa Engineering, a Tshwane-based company specialising in innovative technologies which provide solutions to industrial challenges. RTS Africa has not only imported many new technologies from its portfolio of well-established and highly reputable overseas principals; but, in-house, has developed ground-breaking solutions to industrial challenges such as the removal of dust from air flows.
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New orders for RTS Africa principal Nel’s hydrogen filling stations internationally ‘fuelling’ hydrogen-powered vehicle trend
13 March 2018

The era of fossil-fuelled transportation is drawing to a close. Climate change concerns and dwindling liquid hydrocarbon reserves will undoubtedly change the patterns of personal and commercial transportation in the future. While there are sound cases to be made for the adoption of transportation alternatives such as battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) - as well as for hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) - the latter type holds the better potential for diminished environmental harm in the longer term.
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RTS Africa’s Hy-Optima hydrogen analysers: optimised refinery operations, product and quality
16 February 2018

The basic process of refining crude oil – fractional distillation – into useable product is reasonably simple. Crude oil contains various hydrocarbon compounds all of which condense at varying temperatures. The crude oil is heated in a column and the condensates are drawn off at different levels to produce – amongst others - raw petroleum, diesel and jet fuel products.
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RTS Africa Engineering provides accurate, reliable hydrogen detection solutions for increased safety in mine battery-charging stations
28 August 2017

Increasingly, mines are using battery-powered electric vehicles underground as they help eliminate the problem of air pollution from diesel exhaust emissions. However, there is also an inherent risk in having large multi-battery charging bays underground. The charging process generates hydrogen, which escapes from the banks of batteries on charge to form a potentially explosive mix.
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Doing away with dust damage: RTS Africa spin filters help compressors ‘breathe’ easier
27 July 2017

Air compressors used in industry are, for the most part, well-proven, reliable pieces of equipment, able to operate for years with relatively little maintenance. But their very reliability can lead to problems when the quality of their intake air is neglected.
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A really ‘refined’ solution: RTS Africa Engineering provides accurate, reliable hydrogen monitoring solution for petro-chemical refineries and other process industry applications
19 June 2017

Most people never give a thought to what goes into the tanks of their cars when they fill up at service stations. However, when refineries produce petrol, the product is a very specific blend of hydrocarbons. When refining petroleum products from crude oil, a key element – hydrogen – plays a key role as a feed-stock used in the various processes.
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Renewable energy storage solutions ‘go green’ with RTS Africa Engineering and Nel Hydrogen
2 March 2017

Hydrogen is emerging as one of the most viable and effective storage solutions for renewable energy in many key industries, including the transportation and power sectors.
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RTS Africa Engineering: innovative desiccant dryer ensures consistent gas purity
21 October 2016

In the business of industrial gas production, consistent product quality is an absolute requirement. To ensure this consistency is maintained, raw gas from production facilities is tapped off their main supply lines for analysis.
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Perspective, Innovation and positivity: the keys to successfully mastering current economic challenges

1 July 2016

South Africans are currently enduring an extremely financially challenging – and at times even fraught - 2016. Business confidence has hit its lowest level in more than two decades as the threat of junk status, drought, a charged political atmosphere, Great Britain’s exit from the European Union and it’s inevitable knock-on effects - and various other factors take their toll.

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Growing interest locally and internationally in the multiple benefits of back-channel cooling and spin filter technology

13 May 2016

An electricity tariff increase of almost 10%, announced at the beginning of March 2016 has put further pressure on the industrial sector – and underscored the importance of energy efficiency in all aspects of company operations.

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‘Switched On’ Switchgear - Rand Technical Service’s spin filter technology delivers efficient & economic filtration solutions to the electronics industry
27 October 2014

Tshwane-based Rand Technical Service’s (RTS), a company which specialises in innovative technologies and solutions to industrial problems, is realising the multiple benefits of its new spin filter technology in a variety of industries, notably mining.
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Making a Clean Sweep: RTS spin filters keep mining sub-stations clean and dust-free
19 September 2014

Tshwane-based Rand Technical Services (RTS) has made a name for itself for coming up with innovative technologies and solutions to industrial challenges. Since the early 1990s the company, under the leadership of Managing Director Ian Fraser, has brought a range of quality products to the market, backed by expert technical consultation.
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RTS PROVIDES air filtration systemS for Mogalakwena Mine to resolve dusty challenges
04 September 2014

As the mining industry faces growing pressures of containing costs and maintaining profits while overcoming industry challenges, mining houses are looking towards the engineering industry to offer innovative ways to do so.
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Saving Money, Optimising Processes and Controlling Emissions – The Many Benefits of Laser Gas Analysis
20 August 2014

Rand Technical Services (RTS) is a Tshwane-based company specialising in addressing specific industrial challenges by identifying innovative solutions, often sourcing them internationally. The company, run by Chairman Ian Fraser, has been introducing cutting-edge technology to South African industry since the early 1990’s, not least of which are the company’s Neo Monitors laser gas monitors.
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A New Spin on Filter Technology – flagship product showcased at Electra Mining 2014
17 July 2014

Tshwane-based Rand Technical Services (RTS) offers a range of innovative technologies to industry and is looking forward to an opportunity to showcase its spin filter technology at Electra Mining 2014. Although the technology has been in operation around the world for the past 20 to 30 years, uptake has been comparatively slow in South Africa, according to Ian Fraser, Managing Director of RTS.
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‘Green & clean’ – RTS offers a hydrogen battery robust enough for the toughest African conditions
25 July 2014

With rising costs in electricity generation, increased demand and frequent ‘black outs’ compounded by cable theft, the search for renewable energy power sources is becoming increasingly urgent.
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Welcome to RTS Africa Engineering!
Welcome to RTS Africa Engineering!