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Air/Dust Separation

RTS has over 15 years of extensive experience in the application of self cleaning Inertial Spin Filter technology to heavily loaded dust/air separation systems. Inertial Spin Filters offer an ideal solution to primary filtration problems. Applications range from MCB rooms to high capacity process air intake systems. Typical performance – 98% of 15 microns and 80% of 5 microns. Nominal pressure drop 400Pa. Inertial Spin Filter systems by RTS are guaranteed to work.


Hydrogen Monitoring and Leak Detection


H2scan provides hydrogen specific monitoring solutions that are uniquely able to detect and measure hydrogen against virtually any background gasses, without false readings. Products include, handheld portable leak-detection units, fixed area leak-detection monitors and in-line real time monitors for various process gas streams.

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Conveyor Belt Weighers


Procon - Inflo resometric belt weighers use no load cells and have built an enviable reputation for precision and reliability, working in the harshest environments. They have experience across a broad spectrum of industries, especially in mining, quarrying, power generation, pharmaceutical, chemical and general engineering.

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Boiler Tube Leak Detection


Procon – Lintvalve leak detection systems are designed to detect a steam leak the moment it begins. The early detection of a tube leak will give financial savings which will easily exceed the initial capital cost of the system.

The benefits of early leak detection include:

  • Increased operating profit by reducing financial penalties
  • Avoiding unscheduled outages
  • Reducing secondary damage
  • Increased personnel safety

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Gas and Trace Gas Analysis

LaserGas - neo monitors as

Neo Monitors offer state-of-the-art LaserGas analysers suitable for a wide range of applications. These instruments offer non-intrusive stable analysis for all gas streams with particular reference to flue gasses and open path measurements.

LaserGasTM II Single Path Monitor Data Sheet
LaserGas™III Single Path Oxygen Analyser

Gas Purification

  Anco Catalysts Ltd

Anco Catalysts provides catalytic gas purification systems and media. Features offered include :- Gas purities to one part per billion, no moving parts, five to ten years catalyst life.

Hydrogen/Oxygen Generation

Hydrogen Technologies a division of StatoilHydro design, manufacture and supply a wide range of Hydrogen generators based on the electrolysis of water. RTS provides full factory approved project management and technical support to a large installed base.

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SagimSagim for the past 80 years has been involved in the market of Hydrogen generators using chemical and electrolytic processes. The chemical unit is used extensively in environmental field in weather stations for the inflation of sounding balloons.

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Online Gas and Dust Monitoring

North American Filter Corporation - NAFCO

NAFCO (North American Filter Corporation) A wide range of high quality filters are offered to the petro-chemical and process industries using proven pleated element technology. Exclusive high quality media are selected for both recoverable and disposable filter elements. Applications include filters for liquids and gasses, from water and air, to oils and aggressive chemicals.

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